lechec dominique

After studying mathematics, Dominique practiced painting and writing on her own.
Then made encounters that turned his life upside down, led him to theatrical writing, poetry, ceramics and finally to reconnect, in a renewed state of mind, with drawing and painting. He paints according to the seasons, in the open air or in the studio, attentive to those moments when daylight seems to unite with the presence of another light. Dominique has been leading workshops for adults since 2004.


“The last glimmers of twilight invite you to sit on the edge of the valley and be a watchman. Accompany all that, during the day, has carried us, kept us alive, and which, in the darkness that wins, has only the presence of glimmer or perfume.
And the day returned, despite the announced disasters where all the lack of joy and good manners of men are condensed, to seek against all odds to ally the light.
Not out of defiance or contempt for suffering, but because it is necessary to “sing of the here below”. Because it is there, in the simplest things, in innocuous landscapes and our faces, that the light that animates us tirelessly reveals itself. »